Saturday, 14 May 2016

England's Injured Arsenal Players

Like lemonade and pencil shavings, it seems Arsenal and England do not mix. Play for club and be too crocked to turn out for country.

Take Alex The Ox Chamberlain. Crocked. Danny Not Very Welbeck, out again for - pregnant pause - a full 9 months. Another injury for the lad surely earns him not the moniker SickNote but the more full-on SickNovel. Then there's Jack Wilshere, no stranger to the physio's massaging fingertips.Will he make the squad? Would you risk him if you were born with the names Roy and Hodgson?

That leaves Theo Walcott. He's fit but hasn't exactly set the Premier League alight. Which is good, as that would be arson. I'd take the lad. Assuming he doesn't get injured between now and the squad selection.

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