Friday, 27 May 2016

Who Will Qualify From Euro 2016 Group B?

Must not B Biased. Must B Balanced. But Believe. Believe that we can’t B as Bad as we were in Brazil.

Yes, England’s group, and interest declared, I’m English. So we’re going to win the tournament Blah Blah.

Bollocks I hear some say.
Bloody right. We won’t even win this group. But we will qualify.

For the winners, we must look east to Russia. I see them strong, wanting to put on a good show ahead of them hosting the 2018 World Cup. England to be runners-up, slipping up with a couple of draws. England likes to draw a group game and leave it all down to the last, must-win game.

Wales have Bale But that’s about it. Expect him to be marked out into oblivion. Slovakia, my scout reports suggest they could spring a surprise, But I’m not Backing them to do well enough to grab one of the third place qualifier Berths. Soz.

GROUP B PREDICTION: 1: RUSSIA  2: ENGLAND  3: Slovakia  4: Wales

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