Sunday, 10 July 2016

Euro 2016 Final Predictions

This is the 4th major tournament to receive the Armchair treatment, and here's how my predictions have gone:

2010 World Cup:
Predicted: HOLLAND to bt Italy
Actual: Spain bt HOLLAND

2012 Euros
Predicted: GERMANY to bt Croatia
Actual: Spain bt Italy

2014 World Cup
Predicted: ARGENTINA to bt Brazil
Actual: Germany bt ARGENTINA

2016 Euros
Predicted: FRANCE to bt Spain
Actual: ????

So, I've yet to correctly predict the winner, but for the third tournament out of 4, I have predicted one of the finalists. The fact that both previous correct finalist predictions have lost does not bode well for FRANCE. I'm sticking with them to win it today, so lump on PORTUGAL then...

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