Thursday, 7 July 2016

EURO2016 Semi-Final: Portugal 2-0 Wales

And so it ends. The remarkable Welsh run ran out of steam. Maybe the tension got too much. More likely they missed Ramsey running the show in midfield. Maybe it was the black tops, last worn in their loss to England.

This wasn’t the same Wales that dispatched Belgium.

Conversely, Portugal moved up a gear here. Certainly not cruising in fifth yet, but maybe up to third, definitely in the final on Sunday.

A Ronaldo header, how he hangs in the air, and a Nani poke in quick succession proved too much for a Wales team that perhaps felt the weight of expectation for the first time this tournament.

Sure, they were underdogs, but not by much. Form was on their side, but Ronaldo wasn’t, and in the battle between him and Real team-mate Bale, Ronaldo won.

It’s hard to see them beating either Germany or France on Sunday, even on the widescreen I’ll be watching it on.

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