Saturday, 2 July 2016

They Finished 7th: BELGIUM

The manager has to go. Immediately.

Failure not to walk this tournament with so many great players in the team, shows organisational and motivational failure on a big scale.

Man for man, this Belgian squad is the best in the tournament. Great keeper. Stolid defender. Creative midfielders. Incisive strikers. The value of this team has to be the highest.

And yet they lost their opener, admittedly to the Italians who are taking on all-comers and beating them. Only against Hungary did they tear a team apart. And many, including I, thought they would see off Wales easily.

Not so.

Put this team in the hands of a decent manager who knows how to get the best out of players and they will win the next World Cup. But hurry. People get old, and this golden generation will soon lose their shine.

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