Saturday, 2 July 2016

EURO 2016 Quarter-Final: Belgium 1-3 Wales

Wales haven't caused such a stir since a load of them got beached on that beach a while back.

If they're not careful, they could win this thing and continue the pattern that has seen outsiders win the tournament every dozen years since 1992.

And you can't even say this win was all down to star man Bale. They performed magnificently, to a man, all over the pitch. They are a proper TEAM, probably the most unified unit in the competition.

And look where that gets you. To a Semi-Final against under-performing Portugal.

When Belgium rushed out of the blocks and took an early lead, thoughts of the run coming to an ugly end must have crossed some Welsh minds. Not so those on the pitch in red. Dragons are made of sterner stuff - and they've got a few Palace players in their ranks, plus an ex-Palace player as their manager, so they've got to have something about them. They withstood their opponent's onslaught, then hit back with a header from their captain.

Then they had the temerity to take the lead and the bare-faced cheek to extend it. All against FIFA's No2 ranked team. (Whoever works out these rankings, they ain't working, pal.)

And so onto the semi-final. They won't fear Portugal. Who can stop them now?

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