Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Euro 2016: Group F Conclusion: Portugal 3-3 Hungary; Iceland 2-1 Austria

What's this? Has Europe taken leave of its alphabetic sensibilities? Group F finishes before Group E? What's that all about?

Well, it gave us the match of the tournament, by all accounts. Some twitter accounts said it had been the best televised football match they'd seen. It had to happen at the awkward kick off o'clock, when again I was in transit.

A 3-3 thriller between two teams, one of which had already qualified. Ronaldo finally arrived in the tournament with a brace, and Hungary were lucky with a couple of big deflected goals, but they deserved to win the group.

And Iceland. Mighty Iceland. Fewer than half a million people, yet they are through to the final 16 in their first ever international tournament. Where they will meet er... England.

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