Sunday, 26 June 2016

Euro2016 RO16: Croatia 0-1 Portugal (AET)

Destined for penalties. That's what this game seemed.
Mind-numbingly boring might best describe the preceding 100 or so minutes.
Croatia, before this, had been exciting, looked dominant and capable of beating anyone. Portugal had under performed, and it seemed as though they dragged their opponents down to their level in this one.
Then a breakaway. Nani tried a shot, it was hopelessly, but fortunately Ronaldo - whose energy levels did not seem to dwindle like most mortals would have was running in. His shot was straight at the keeper but bounced right into Quaresma's path and he bundled it in.
Cue celebrations.
Croatia, who'd been playing for pens couldn't change gear and that was that.

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