Monday, 27 June 2016

Euro 2016 RO16: Hungary 0-4 Belgium

How long we have waited for a four.
For an age it seems.
For the whole group stage and most of the round of 16.
It was like the number didn't exist.
Defences were too miserly for four to happen.
Attacks too blunt.
And then this.
Hungary has surprised many, delighted more, wowed their own.
Belgium had lost their opener. Looked undeserving of their FIFA No 2 rating.
Now it's three wins in a row, and four for the first time.
Who else now is seconding the motion that this lot, a golden generation for their nation could go all the way?
Only Wales in the way next. OK, not only. Wales are good, but it could have been worse.
And Belgium will fancy their chances.
Then either Poland or Portugal in the semis.
It's all opening up. But the pressure is on.
Will they be up four it?

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