Tuesday, 28 June 2016

They Finished 9th: ENGLAND

Every single player, bar Rashford had a stinker against Iceland. A real stinker.

Nothing good to say about any of them. They deserve to be going home, shame the trip is a short one. They won’t have to reflect long on being the team that delivered the most embarrassing performance in Three Lions history.

And Hodgson flopped too, his tactics non-existent, lacking the ability to calm and carve a team that were strong favourites to win v Iceland into a team able to win v Iceland. Players being played out of position. Injured players preferred to those who’d proved themselves.

When England went 2-1 down, not one of them wanted the ball. It was as if they knew if they got it and made a mistake they’d be slated. Shows a lack of ability and confidence. Yes, England dominated possession in every game of the tournament, but that counts for nothing.

No one expected you to win England. No pressure. Though most expected you to beat Iceland. Failing that, at least put in a performance, go out with heads held high.

But there’ll be none of that. Oh, and even the kit was shit. Light blue sleeves? Don’t want to see them again

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