Sunday, 26 June 2016

Euro2016 RO16: Wales 1-0 Northern Ireland

There are blunder some own goals, and own goals that simply can't be avoided. McCauley's definitely falls into the latter category. With a demon ball crossed in from the left by Bale and the keeper beaten, if McCauley hadn't have slid and knocked it in, Robson-Kanu behind him would have applied a similar finish.

Before, the game had been tight, devoid of excitement really, barring the fact that this was the first meeting of home nations in a major knockout tournament.

There wasn't much in it, and in the end, the quality provided by Bale proved the difference. He could be on for player of the tournament if the Welsh continue to progress, which you really wouldn't bet against.

Every 12 years there's a surprise winner of the Euros. 92 was Denmark. 04 was Greece... 16 Wales?

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